Fashion Institute of Technology


Alana Rachel Yoffee


Alana Rachel Yoffee, 19, born in Pittsburgh is a designer of apparel and wearable art. Alana started designing when she was seven years old, and learned how to sew at nine years old. She has been creating garments non-stop since then. Alana attended Pittsburgh Creative and Performing Arts high school in downtown Pittsburgh and is currently attending the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City for Fashion Production Management. Alana is inspired by texture and form. Furthermore, her aesthetic mixes hard and soft elements within each piece.  Ultimately, Alana would like to change the typical practices in the fashion industry by creating a fashion brand using ethical practices towards workers, the environment, and animals. 

In 2014 Alana was working on a Long Term Project for school and decided creating a fashion portfolio would be her topic. This started a new love for wearable art. Alana created four looks in addition to her past creations for her project. Wearable art is art made to be worn. Alana has created countless wearable art pieces, including a dress made of tissues, a tunic made of photo slides, and a dress made of coffee filters.